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Temple Of She trains therapists to a Gold Standard. This training was created to revolutionize the industry and provide you with the best possible therapist and modality.  This is what you are worth.

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Alison Reminis

Jervis Bay Area, NSW, Australia I am your Erotic Maven. I am a daughter, a sister, wife to an ex-military husband who still works away from home; mother of two children who are beginning their teenage years, and also child care and social worker. And most importantly a woman who truly believes feminine power and strength is best…

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Alyssa Smith

Melbourne, VIC I support women to tap into and release consciously and subconsciously held trauma, shame and embarrassment about their bodies, vulva’s and sex, to release the wounding that all too often accompanies the feminine. I awaken in women the freedom to know and express themselves holistically, to feel themselves entirely, to connect with themselves…

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Amanda Greasley

Hocking, WA I create safe spaces for Women to reconnect to themselves, to trust and honour their body and intuition and guide them to sovereignty! A qualified Intuitive Intelligence Trainer, Reiki Maven, Yoni Massage Practitioner and an author, I have, for over 20 years, been honing my skill as an energy worker, a mentor and…

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Amberlee Rose

Wellington, New Zealand As an Erotic Maven & Devotee to the Divine Feminine, Amberlee supports women to come into a loving and sacred relationship with their bodies, sexuality and innate feminine essence.  Her passion is to guide women through the unraveling of social conditioning, old belief systems, ancestral patterning that have kept them frozen, numb…

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Brittany Folsom

San Pedro California, South Bay Area, USA Medical massage therapist turned Somatic Sexologist, Brittany leads with a focus in nervous system health, sexual wellness and connection through touch. She also travels the world assisting in retreat spaces as an educator and providing hands-on services. Brittany holds world class credentials in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sacral Somatics Therapy,…

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Chelsea Terry

Batemans Bay, South Coast NSW This work called me out, kicking and screaming, to awaken my body, my pleasure and my ability to hold space for others, to love and honour them as they relearn to love and honour themselves, just as they are, where they are at, in that very moment. I have stood…

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Cindy Foreman

Mission Beach, FNQ We women are being called, called to awaken deeper into our true feminine nature and love that we are. Called to unite not only with the sisterhood but also with our inner knowing and wisdom of the pure divinity that we as women hold with in each of us – reunite with…

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Ela Dlugosz

Kalorama, VIC Some passions are clear very early on. Others are a slow burn and develop over time. Yoni Massage wasn’t something I woke one day and thought… ahh… that is what I want to do. It was something that come up on me slowly and in a circuitous manner. But once that flame was…

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Jodanna Goddard

Bald Hills, Brisbane, QLD Founder of ImHER Womens Well-being. I hold space for the disconnected woman. I reach into the depths of her chaos , shake loose her limiting stories and invite her reconnection to self-devotion and joy. Women who work with me are ready and willing to discover the essence of their full feminine…

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Jodie Parker

Burleigh Heads, QLD Allowing women to soften into their true radiance through pleasure, reclaiming the innocence of their sexuality 🕊 Sounds absolutely delicious to me. Who doesn’t want to be soft, open, receptive, oozing with pleasure and magnetising all that we desire. I surely know I do. I am someone always willing to dive into…

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Kate Stein

Jervis Bay Area, NSW, Australia I hold a safe space for women to be held, heard and heroic for themselves. To provide an environment for women to feel safe, find their voice and power, through the magic of openness.  I believe in women having a voice, feeling free and empowered to live their life in…

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Kelly Wolf

Canberra, ACT, Australia Once called “The most orgasmic woman on the planet” by USA sexological expert and founder of Explosive Sexual Healing, Ben Rode. I believe that every woman is energetically coded with the power and potential to unlock the secrets of her feminine spirit and divine Sheba nature through the awakening of her orgasmic core. And that when a…

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Kiziah Jay

Mountain Creek,QLD Beloved woman  I long to love you  To worship you  To hold you  To see you  To hear you  To witness you  In your remeberance  Your softening  Your pleasure  Your pain Your joy Your raw Your messy Your wild Your innocence  Your divine Your reclamation  Your power Your sovereignty  Your freedom Your connection …

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Laura Elizabeth

Perth, WA, Australia Founder of HER Centre in Perth, Author, Erotic Maven and Intuitive Holistic Therapist. It is Laura’s intention and purpose to be of service to the evolution of our collective consciousness.  Reaching as many women as possible, providing a safe and authentic space to facilitate access to their full power. Inviting you dear…

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Lisa Bito

QLD Women need their voices. Women deserve their pleasure. Women need to be connected to their bodies and their creative space, their womb.  It is our birthright.  I didn’t have a direct route to working as a yoni massage practitioner.  It has come as I have delved deeper into me and my connection to my…

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Lola Richards

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia My specialty is holding space for you, Goddess; to reclaim your health, wellness and sexuality within each aspect of the Self where there is a disconnect. To unleash your authentic Self, connect with your Divine feminine sensuality, and tune into previously untapped levels of self-love, pleasure and vitality; to reignite your…

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Marigold Ferguson

Levin, New Zealand Kia Ora I am Marigold Marama. Space holding is infused in my being. The divine feminine is infused in my being. Space holding for the divine feminine is my gift. I am a wild being, as a child I needed space for my wildness, connection and closeness. But I was also fully…

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Nicole Aly

Melbourne & Gippsland, Vic Have you ever truly wondered who you are? Not mum, wife or girlfriend, not your career. You?  Your soul essence, the magnificent human experience that you are.  We get so caught up in the business of the world, our children, our partners, our career.  We don’t take the time to really connect with our…

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Rose Sing

Albany, WA, Australia The wild woman archetype is a strong force in me. From the very beginning, I chose something different. Time and again I chose the wild, untamed way using my intuition and following my heart. I instinctively knew medicinal and culinary herbs from a young age. As a teen I understood that my…

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Sarah Chicalas

Yeppoon, QLD I’m Sarah, an Erotic Maven and Yoni Massage Practitioner. My personal journey with Yoni Massage began after experiencing its transformative power firsthand. It awakened something within me, leading me to embark on the training that has shaped my life. Through this training, I’ve delved deep within myself, discovering that I am the person…

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Sasha Hopkins

Mango Hill, QLD I have felt the call to work with women for most of my life and have done so as a Midwife, but as a Yoni Massage Practitioner it is another level. For me it is energetic, spiritual, emotional and soul fulfilling. It feels like a remembering as I step into the temple…

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Castlemaine, VIC I am a woman, deep feeling and connected to everything. What moves me and fills me with joy, is witnessing women embody and harness their power. Whether it is little by little or all in one go; a woman on fire alights my soul. I am a mother and a wife; a sister…

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Tracey Gillis-Sinclair

Central Coast, NSW I’m Tracey and I’ve spent far too long searching outside of myself for the answers. I have let society tell me who I should be and I’ve limited my potential in the process.  I am in service to the women who walk the Earth at this time, to hold sacred space for…

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Zyra Greenleaf

Hobart, Tas I am a mother, a messenger, an earth goddess. I relish in the sensory and the sensual. Food, love and life are my ambrosia. I believe life should be savoured and truly, deeply lived. My soul is sensual and dances through life, with devotion. Our bodies are incredible temples for our souls, the…

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